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As system experts and since 2013, we have worked with many of you to build & evolve the digital system that allows you to enjoy more freedom and devoted clients....

As I was training  4 to 6 times a week and was spending more time at the gym than ever before. I realized that personal trainers spent a lot of time scheduling appointments, preparing workout plans, tracking payments & clients progress, Marketing themselves. And that they made a huge effort to have an online presence….

I found that many PTs wish they could either train more clients, or spend more time with their friends & family. Given my love for fitness, my entrepreneur mindset, and my expertise in software engineering & systems. I decided to assist Personal Trainers by building a system & providing services that would be simple to use and help with all aspects of the personal training business.

Lucas Traore, Founder


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Let us assist with our

Personal Trainer App


Enjoy greater peace of mind with your client schedule and personal time organized perfectly/precisely in just a few minutes


Create Workout plans, Monitor your clients progress and optimize their training to help them achieve real life-changing results


Receive payments, invoice your clients and easily track how much your business makes and spends. 

Keep your clients motivated with

Justtrain CLIENT APP


Keep workout plans, progress and results visible at all time


Allow your clients to confirm & schedule sessions from an App


Always be present, whether you train in-person or remotely

And, if you want your own logo, colours & name…

And with our services

Build your Brand

Boost your website

Let prospects and clients buy and schedule online and in person trainings straight from your website. Give them an area to view their progress and results. You don’t have a website yet? we can build one for you too. 

Get your own Mobile App

Instead of having your clients use JustTrain Client App. Let us publish an app with your logo, colours, and name. With your clients having your brand and progress in their pocket, your are sure to get a lot more attention & retention.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I have been looking for a simple app like this for years. I especially like the tracking of client sessions by a push of a button. I have tested and used lots of software and I cannot recommend this one enough.

Google Play User

Lucas and his staff did a great job with this app for both new and veteran trainers

Mike Perez

Ignite Fit Miami

Fantastic app! Amazing tech support! I’ve been looking for an app to help coordinate my business and this one hit every point of the business. Very easy to use 5 plus stars!

Alissa Kerr

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*The first 5GB of Timeline data are free. A monthly fee of $1/5GB then applies

** We do custom work on websites or build a branded client app only
for our platinum yearly clients.

Custom work or any question?

If you need a website, want to integrate JustTrain Functionalities onto your website, or want your own branded Client Application.

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Join today and get 1 month of platinum membership for free!
No Credit Card required